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Electronic throttle control system models, the depth of the ECU control the electronic throttle of the gas pedal and the vehicle speed together to analyze, and ultimately to calculate the current appropriate throttle. Suddenly accelerate when drivers start (the pedal in the end), the ECU according to the current vehicle speed, throttle size analysis, considered from the perspective of fuel economy and emissions will be appropriate to limit the throttle open rise, while controlling spray The oil system limits fuel injectors to maximize fuel injection. Do so to make the driver feel obviously a delay car began to force the gas pedal, this is the so-called throttle retardation. Therefore, the throttle hysteresis output performance by limiting the engine instantly in fact, trip computer (ECU), This will make vehicles more environmentally friendly, energy saving.

Operating Principle of POTENT BOOSTER

  1. Accelerating choker opening and improving static response “Acceleration” of POTENT BOOSTER is realized mainly through improving the responding  sensitivity of choker. When ECU finds that driver has the intention for acceleration, it  will activate rapid opening of choker via circuit signals to improve the responding sensitivity of throttle. 

  2. Speeding up throttle signals and improving dynamic response When accelerator treads on throttle pedal, POTENT BOOSTER will calculate the alteration  rate of throttle signals according to treading depth and time. Alteration rate is in  proportion to accelerating requirements. POTENT BOOSTER will enhance such alteration  rate and finally realize maximum dynamic response of auto acceleration.

  3. Providing false driving style for ECU’s adjustment of engine parameters ECU of modern engine generally has the capacity of self-adapting driving style. If  driver often treads on throttle quickly to a considerable depth (also known as pulling  speed), ECU will gradually consider that the driver’s style tends to be “violent”. In this  way, engine will slowly adjust choker and fuel spray system, etc. to obtain optimal  adjusting parameters of engine under this style. After POTENT BOOSTER is used for a  long time, even if the driver drives the car with previous “mile” driving style, engine  will still acquire experience of “violent” driving, which is equivalent to the adjustment  of ECU parameters. At the long last, engine will automatically amend its parameters  to adapt to such driving style.

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